About Us

About Us

DiamondLove Collections is a unique and exciting online boutique full of the most beautiful and original wedding jewellery designs, all created in house by our founder Assuntina Oliva. With many years of design experience on both a national and international level, more recently Assuntina has started to provide her much saught after expertise on a televised specialist wedding TV channel.

Assuntina has been a successful jewellery designer for over 20 years and has worked with many of the industries leading artisans.  In March of 2011 she launched DiamondLove Collections a fully inclusive wedding jewellery range that offers both brides and grooms all they need for their special day and the many days after……….

Assuntina regards DiamondLove Collections as a journey of togetherness. Step one of the journey is called “Will You Marry Me”; this is expressed by the giving of a beautiful Engagement ring. Step two is, “With this Ring”; which is the exchanging of handcrafted wedding rings. Step three of this journey is “You’re Still the One”; which sees the giving of an Eternity ring, a traditional symbol of forever.

The importance of giving and receiving rings through this journey cannot be overstated; however Assuntina also believes that equal importance needs to be given to the jewellery worn when walking down the aisle and this is where the uniqueness shows.

At its heart DiamondLove Collections is all about beautiful delicate Bridal jewellery that will enhance any wedding occasion, so whether it’s a wedding ring or a pair of earrings, each piece will have been treated with equal importance through its design stage.

Assuntina designs the old fashioned way, that is pen on paper and only when she is fully satisfied is it then crafted and added to the DiamondLove wedding jewellery Collection. There is a distinct style to all of her jewellery pieces one of elegance and sophistication and it is this that gives the collection its coordinated feel.

We know your time is precious and we believe that because DiamondLove Collections has a fully coordinated range, this will mean less time for you searching to find that elusive but essential piece of jewellery.

We wish you many hours of happy easy convenient shopping x